Visitor-Maintained Indices (VMI)

If you want to browse the indices, or submit a new resource, press the Back button on your browser. This documentation is only for those who are interested in setting up a totally new VMI site on their server. You do not need this documentation simply to use the existing VMI site, nor to submit or edit resources in the existing VMI site.

The Visitor-Maintained Indices (VMI) system was conceived by Eric Martz in order to avoid the need for manual curation of lists of hyperlinks. The primary initial target was the World Index of Biomolecular Visualization Resources. A manually-curated version was created in April 1997 but rapidly became out of date due to the time which would have been required to maintain it manually.

The VMI system is currently under development by Trevor Kramer and Eric Martz. If you are interested in using it on your server, please contact

A part-time programming job for someone capable in java server pages, CGI, and html is available to continue development of the VMI support system. We want users to be able to add comments and ratings to the indexed records.

The VMI documentation is currently under development. The following draft documents are available at this time:

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